10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a Living Pool

A living pool is a significant addition to your backyard. Before diving in, you should be certain that you are making the most informed decision possible.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself before you commit to building a living pool:

1. Why Do I Want a Living Pool?

The answer to this question will really drive the entire project. Do you want a pool as part of a relaxing oasis? Do you want a pool for backyard entertaining? These choices will greatly influence the overall design and ensure your heart is in the right place from the start.

2. Who Will Use the Pool?

A pool designed for children will look very different from a pool designed for a retired couple. But either way, you should plan to accommodate a variety of swimmers and allow for a variety of activities. It will make your living pool more versatile.

3. Is My Yard Suitable for Pool Construction?

A natural swimming pool is typically larger than a chemically-treated pool because you need room for a swimming area and a plant zone. The ideal yard can fit both of those areas comfortably. Builders also recommend soil tests to be conducted to confirm that the site is suitable for a pool.

4. Where Will the Swimming Pool Be Located?

Before you can answer this question, you’ll need to know the zoning and building laws for your property. Many municipalities also require that pools be fenced in, which might affect the exact location.

Remember to consider how people will enter and exit the pool and where people are likely to congregate. Sun exposure is also an important factor. Avoiding areas with tree stumps or shrubs is recommended to help you bypass removing them down the line.

5. What Size and Shape?

Though most natural pools are square, rectangular or oval, you can pursue a variety of shapes, as long as you consider and calculate the optimal position for filters and power supply.

6. What Is My Budget?

While we believe there is a pool to fit every budget, we also understand that financing a living pool may involve home equity accounts, lines of credit, savings, or an inheritance. Before setting out, it’s important to have a budget range in mind but also be flexible to unexpected costs.

7. What Special Features Do I Want in My Pool?

A living pool can be endlessly customized with diving boards, underwater benches, suntanning ledges, waterfalls, integrated decks/patios, landscape design, jumping rocks, water slides, and more! These add-ons will greatly affect designs so be sure to account for them early.

8. How Soon Do I Want It?

Be realistic about how long it will take to build and install a living pool, and discuss your specific needs, ideas and budget to help your contractor build an accurate timeline. You can also ask the contractor which months will be optimal for construction.

9. Will This Raise the Value of My Home?

Think about the costs of building, maintaining and eventually upgrading—and whether those costs will hurt or help your home value whenever it’s time to sell. (Luckily, the year-to-year costs are lower for living pools after construction is finished as compared to conventional pools.)

10. Is This My Forever Home?

Consider your long-term plans before investing in a living pool. Will you be living in this same house with this same yard, where you can continue to enjoy the benefits of that pool?

After you’ve determined that a living pool is the right choice for you, talk to Nature’s Way Living Pools. We are happy to discuss your specific needs, ideas and budgets. Schedule a personal consultation with us today!