Five Ways to Customize Your Natural Swimming Pool

From its location to its plant life to its additional features, a natural swimming pool offers endless design customizations for homeowners looking to add personal touches to their newest investment.

Location, Location, Location

To the right of your Red Oak tree? In the back by the shed? The first step in designing your natural swimming pool is choosing the right spot in your yard to build it. A natural swimming pool is typically larger than a chemically-treated pool because you need room for a swimming area and a plant zone. The ideal location can fit both of those areas. Avoiding areas with tree stumps or shrubs will help you bypass removing them down the line. But shade is welcomed because direct sunlight may encourage algae growth, which may have your filtration system working overtime.

The Perfect Shape

Though there is some freedom in the shape you choose, most natural pools are square, rectangular or oval for a reason. These shapes tend to be more affordable as materials are more readily available in those configurations.

But you can pursue a variety of shapes, as long as you consider and calculate the optimal position for filters and power supply.

The Right Lining Material

Of course, you will need a lining material for the pool to hold the water. There are options depending on the desired aesthetics of your pool. If you’re seeking a more natural look, bentonite clay is a good fit. The bentonite acts as a glue that bonds with soil particles and prevents pool water from seeping into the ground. However, bentonite doesn’t bond well with sandy or extremely dry soil because it requires more bentonite per square foot to successfully fasten the soil. In this case, you may need to supplement with a plastic liner.

When choosing a plastic liner, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is recommended over polyvinyl chloride (PVC) because it offers UV-ray protection and will remain flexible amid dropping temperatures. You can also just choose a plastic liner for your natural pool.

Plant Life

Aquatic plants can bring welcomed pops of color to your pool. The options are many but be mindful of your local climate too. Take your time and chat with a native plant supplier in your area for tips. In general, you need three types: floating plants (such as water lilies), emergent plants (such as grasses and rushes), and underwater plants (which add oxygen to the water). Get to know the options in those categories and design an arrangement to your tastes.

Extra, Extra Features

With the overall design and aesthetic chosen, you can bring even more flare with bonus features.

Diving boards: Available in a range of lengths, colors and styles, these boards give swimmers the opportunity to make a real splash when entering the pool. Though, diving boards are best suited for deeper pools, so you will likely select a board of shorter length.

Underwater benches: These can be added for a cozy spot for swimmers to sit down while in the water.

Suntanning ledges: A shallow shelf that acts as an entry point to the pool that allows a swimmer to be in the water without having to swim or float.

Waterfalls: A beautiful natural element that also brings a soothing white noise to your natural pool.

Integrated decks/patios: The hardscape that surrounds your pool can be highly specific to your tastes. You can border it with concrete paving, a wooden deck, large stones and rocks and much more.

Surrounding landscape design: In addition to the plant life inside your pool, you can also incorporate it around your pool. Small palms and cycads bring a tropical look, while yucca and aloe plants require little maintenance and love the heat.

Jumping rocks: An alternative to a diving board, you can also add a rock to jump from. Water features can often be added within the design of a jumping rock.

Water slides: Bring some more fun to your pool with a slide! Location is key here with most slides needing a minimum area of 7’ x 15’. Slides are often located at the opposite end of your gathering area.

No matter the design decisions you make, Nature’s Way Living Pools can help bring them to life based on your unique needs, budget and property. Schedule a personal consultation with us today!