How the Zones in a BioSwimPond® Actually Work

Living pools can use the same systems found in nature to purify water and create a balanced self-contained ecosystem. The water is treated through the metabolic processes of aquatic plants and microorganisms. Because of this, our BioSwimPond® systems often have two distinct zones that work together to keep the water clean without the use of chemicals (our BioPool® systems use a biological filter in conjunction with these zones).

The Regeneration Zone

At least 50% of your pool’s surface area should be designated as the regeneration zone. This zone should contain about 4 to 5 inches of gravel or pea rock on top of the clay or liner foundation and be contained by the outer wall of the swimming area or a wood retaining wall that lies on top of the outer wall of the swimming area. This is where aquatic plants such as water lilies, cattails and swamp hibiscus act as natural filters.

These plants enrich the pool with oxygen and support beneficial bacteria that consume debris and potentially harmful organisms. When a biological filter is being used, the water would pass through it before it is pumped into the regeneration zone. The biofilm filter is separated from the swimming zone and draws the nutrient-rich surface water from the swimming area to nurture the biofilm growth.

In order for the regeneration zone to perform properly, the water must continually move from the swimming zone into the regeneration zone, then back into the swimming zone. Homeowners often add a waterfall feature to encourage movement and aerate the pool water so the plants receive the oxygen to grow. The constant movement also prevents the growth and spread of dangerous organisms, including mosquitos.

The Swimming Zone

This deeper zone takes up the remaining water surface area and is where the chlorine-free swimming happens! It is separated by a submerged wall that stops about 3 or 4 inches below the surface of the water. The wall must be tall enough to prevent the plants in the regeneration zone from entering.

Because the swimming zone and water garden zone are separated, you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance. But it’s recommended that this area be skimmed and vacuumed occasionally to remove unwanted debris.

Nature’s Way Living Pools offers both a BioSwimPond®, a system that uses a regeneration zone to purify water and control algae or a BioPool®, a system offers the traditional look of a swimming pool with a biological filter system that uses biofilm to clean water and control algae. If you’d like to further discuss your living pool options, please get in touch with us! We’re happy to answer any questions and find the right choice for you!