Living Pools: Fact or Fiction

A living pool is a relatively new concept to most people in North America, which may be why there are so many misconceptions surrounding them.

Nature’s Way Living Pools is proud to be a licensed dealer of BioNova® natural swimming pools. We are here to filter out fact from fiction to help you decide if a living pool is right for you.

Living pools are…

Environmentally-friendly – FACT!

Living pools use the same systems found in nature to purify water and create a balanced self-contained ecosystem. Instead of harsh chemicals, the water is treated through the metabolic processes of aquatic plants and microorganisms.

More expensive – FICTION!

The installation cost per square foot of a living pool is actually comparable to that of a traditional pool. But, because there are no chemicals and energy consumption is lower, the ongoing operational costs of a living pool are lower.

Healthier for you – FACT!

As we’ve mentioned, living pools don’t use harsh chemicals like chlorine, bromine or hypochlorous acid. These can irritate your eyes, dry your skin and leave a filmy residue on your body upon exiting.

Living pools are gentler on you, and rely on healthy microorganisms and natural metabolic processes to purify the water. Enjoy healthy, fun exercise in naturally clean, pure water!

Harder to maintain – FICTION!

A living pool’s natural ecosystem will practically maintain itself. Because of this, you won’t need to add and manage chemicals on a weekly basis.

Living Pools do require some upkeep of the live vegetation, and periodic system maintenance and cleaning. But overall, you’ll have much more time to spend enjoying your living pool rather than maintaining it.

Larger than standard pools – FACT!

Because of the separate regeneration zone, a BioPond® takes up more space. It’s like having two bodies of water in very close proximity to one another. NOTE: A BioPool®  can be any size.

More energy-efficient – FACT!

Due to the natural filtration process, living pools use far less electricity than a traditional pool with much smaller pumps.

Living Pools can also be heated (and cooled!) through solar panels, which we are able to install as part of your project. It’s important to note that the biological filter requires water temperature to be in-line with naturally-occurring water temperatures in your climate.

Attractive for wildlife – FACT!

A living pool mimics a naturally occurring pond in most ways. This means wildlife may likewise be attracted to it. You can expect dragonflies and frogs. Luckily, these creatures will be most interested in the regeneration zone. Mosquitos shouldn’t be an issue, as they prefer standing water.

One-size-fits-all – FICTION!

The only limit to a living pool’s design is your imagination! You can pursue all sorts of shapes and sizes. Plus, the addition of lush, live aquatic plants can bring endless customization options.

Only useful in the summer – FICTION!

Living pools can be easily winterized and, under the right conditions, can be converted into an at-home ice rink in the winter!

We know adding a living pool to your backyard is a big decision with many contributing factors. If you still have questions, please get in touch. We’re always happy to help you make the right choice for you.