The Benefits of a Natural Swimming Pool

Having a pool in your backyard can bring both peaceful relaxation and boisterous fun. But first it will bring some important considerations on the features and benefits that matter most to you.

While many people are used to swimming in the bright blue waters of a traditional chlorine pool,  natural swimming pools, or Living Pools, are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. This may be because it’s a completely organic freshwater alternative that’s safe for swimming without any added chemicals, disinfectants or sterilizers. 

But that’s not where the differences end. In fact, natural pools outperform the competition in most categories.


Because natural swimming pools tend to imitate ponds and other bodies of water, they seamlessly blend in with the surrounding nature. Lush live aquatic plants like lily pads and reeds can be integrated to enhance its innate beauty. You’ll be able to walk out into your backyard and see a completely natural landscape, instead of the artificial blue waters of a traditional pool. 

Natural pools are also highly customizable, so you can design a serene oasis complete with your own personal touches including diving boards, underwater benches, sun tanning ledges, waterfalls and more! 

Environmental Impact

Living pools use the same systems found in nature to purify water and create a balanced self-contained ecosystem. This means no harsh chemicals! The water is treated through the metabolic processes of aquatic plants and microorganisms. Typically, natural pools have a designated planted zone, so you are never required to swim amongst the reeds.

Traditional pools use chlorine to kill bacteria and algae, which may bring negative environmental side effects. For starters, the manufacturing of chlorine creates mercury emissions. Then once it’s poured into a pool it may also contribute to local ozone pollution. 


As previously mentioned, natural pools don’t require active balancing of chemicals. This makes them much easier to maintain when compared to traditional pools. Though they require some upkeep of the live vegetation, periodic system maintenance and cleaning, the list of to-dos is much shorter. The key is to make sure the plant life is healthy because they will automatically regulate biological and self-cleaning practices.

A traditional pool demands a lot more attention. You will have to ensure the pool filter is working properly and circulating as it should be. Then, you may need to run the pool pump more frequently to ensure algae or mold isn’t growing. Plus, it’s recommended that you clean your pool with a vacuum to maintain that crystal clear look. Those chores quickly add up and take up the time you could be spending relaxing in your pool!

Energy Efficiency

Because the filtration process in a Living Pool is completed naturally, it doesn’t require a filter powered by electricity. Instead, it operates a small water pump to move water through the filter system. Natural pools also have the ability to be powered by solar panels, which in return could make them even more energy efficient. 

Operational Costs

The installation cost per square foot of a Living Pool is similar to that of a traditional pool, however, because there are no chemicals and energy consumption is lower, the ongoing operational costs of a Living Pool are lower.

Health Benefits

An overchlorinated pool can dry out hair and skin by stripping them of natural oils. It can also cause eye irritation. 

Without using harsh chemicals like chlorine, bromine or hypochlorous acid, Living Pools are gentler on your skin. So you can enjoy healthy, fun exercise in naturally clean, pure water!

Year-Round Fun

Natural pools don’t need to be covered, drained or refilled as the seasons change. In fact, Living Pools can be easily winterized and, under the right conditions, can be converted into an at-home ice rink in the winter. 

We know adding a swimming pool to your backyard is a big decision with many contributing factors. If you still have questions about the perks of a living pool, please get in touch. We’re always happy to help you make the right choice for you.