Types of Water Features for Your Living Pool

Living pools can use the same systems found in nature to filter the water and create a balanced self-contained ecosystem (without chemicals!). This relies on healthy aquatic plants and microorganisms, which in turn relies on the constant movement of water from the regeneration zone to the swimming zone.

Water features encourage this movement to help aerate the plants in the regeneration zone to ensure they receive oxygen to grow. But that’s not all. These additions can also bring greater visual interest to your living pool.

Here are some considerations for those looking to make a bigger splash:


These are often built along the pool’s edge, emerging from rocks or boulders. The moving water helps keep the pool cooler, which discourages algae and other bacteria to grow. A waterfall also provides a soothing white noise for a more relaxing experience. And it goes without saying that a waterfall elevates the overall aesthetics of your pool. You can even add LED lights so it can be enjoyed at night as well.

Water Slide

A custom water slide can provide built-in entertainment for your living pool. These can easily be adapted to fit various depths and can be made to complement the surrounding nature with boulders and other rocks. With water flowing down the slide, these also function as waterfalls that can support water filtration.


Small floating or anchored fountains can offer an engaging splash effect while circulating water without requiring alterations to the edges of your pool. This sensory feature can serve as a focal point of your living pool, in addition to providing white noise. You can also consider grouping in pairs or trios for a more bubbling effect.

Deck Jet

A flowing arc of water emanating from your deck into your living pool. These streams add a bit of flare, while diffusing large droplets of water into your pool. A deck jet provides a relaxing atmosphere with welcomed white noise.

These water features are all good fits for a living pool because they naturally encourage water movement, which results in stronger overall filtration. You can explore other ways to customize your pool in a previous blog. Plus, Nature’s Way Living Pools can help bring any pool personalization to life based on your unique needs, budget and property. Schedule a personal consultation with us today!